DLM Towing Albuquerque (Vehicle Recovery)

DLM Tow and Recovery   505-822-9747

If we have towed your vehicle due to an accident, a police tow, or improper parking, we will gladly help you recover your car as quickly and inexpensively as possible.  As always, there is a little paperwork involved.

Take note of these four things you will need when recovering a vehicle:

  1. Proof of ownership
    • Current Registration
    • Title with your printed name on the front
    • Signed-over Title with a notarized Bill of Sale for each transfer
    • A current DMV printout showing you as the vehicle owner
    • A dealer’s report of sale (DRS) which has not expired. New cars 30 days from date of purhase, new cars 10 days from date of purchase.
    • Rental vehicles require a rental contract in your name.
  2. Photo identification
    • Acceptable forms of identification:All state and federal government issued photo identification cardsDrivers license, Sheriff’s cards, INS Issued Temporary Alien Cards, INS Alien Cards, Gaming Cards, Work Cards issued by APD
    • Exception, Declaration of arrest accompanied by a notice of drivers license revocation.
  3. A release form if your car has a hold.
  4. Cash (unfortunately we cannot accept credit cards or checks of any kind.)

If you are not the vehicle owner and want to obtain or visit the vehicle, you will need:

  • A signed, dated and notarized note or letter from the vehicle owner with a vehicle description including the VIN# (VIN# is required).
  • If the vehicle owner is in custody, a fully completed (in ink) signed Jail Vehicle Release Form is sufficient.